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Support, migrations, enhancements, and customizations for Magento 1 and Magento 2, Open Source and Commerce.


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Our team of Magento developers are truly passionate about eCommerce and the flexibility Magento provides for our clients is difficult to match. Most individuals familiar with Magento are aware of the complexities that accompany this flexibility, which makes it incredibly important to work with developers that are experienced, confident, and knowledgeable in Magento modifications.

We have been working with the Magento platform for over 5 years, with that work expanding over Magento 1, Magento 2, and migrations from other platforms. Our team of developers have not only created beautiful custom templates in Magento, but have developed exclusive customized features that bring the extent of the platform to life!

Our support services cover the necessary ongoing maintenance required with Magento, including patch applications, security updates, and platform version updates. With our range of Magento clients that we currently work with, Tribe Alpha has established a tride and true process for backups, updates, and functional resolutions. We ensure that all of our clients are safe, secure, and able to leverage the full capabilities that this flexible platform has to offer.

Magento Support

Tribe Alpha support services were designed around the Magento platform, perfecting the upkeep process for Magento websites. With security, performance, and usability as a constant requirement in eCommerce, our team makes it a priority to ensure that our client sites are compliant, functional, and beautiful.

Magento Customizations

Magento is one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms available, which has been made even more appealing by the availability of an Open Source option. Tribe Alpha’s team of Magento engineers specializes in solving difficult problems in the platform with long-term custom solutions. If you need it, we can build it.

Magento Migrations

Migrations to Magento are nothing new to our team, and may be on your radar if you currently run Magento 1. With Magento 2 now firmly established and Magento 1 being phased out, migrations to the updated version are more important than ever. Our team has extensive experience in Magento migrations and are here to help .

Magento Versions

Whether you are running Magento 1 Community or Enterprise, or Magento 2 Open Source or Commerce, we’ve got you covered! From new site builds and migrations to custom solutions and designs, Tribe Alpha is your eCommerce partner for Magento.  

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