Tribe Alpha Shared Hosting

Tribe Alpha AWS hosting support is an ideal solution for clients on a budget or those whose business needs don’t require a dedicate server of their own. Tribe Alpha will manage your Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP services on a cloud server through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

All shared servers are regularly reviewed for software updates and patches, audited for resource limitations, and otherwise regularly to make sure the servers are running at optimum levels. Tribe Alpha shared website hosting utilizes CloudWatch alarms and/or third party monitoring which will notify us if there is ever a service interruption, allowing us to immediately react to restore service.

Tribe Alpha Cost Plus Hosting

For clients who require a dedicated website hosting solution or management of specialized hosting services, Tribe Alpha offers our Cost Plus Hosting solution. Tribe Alpha will setup and operate any Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources including Elastic Computing Cloud resources and Relational Database Service resources. The Cost Plus billing structure is set up so that you only pay the cost of the actual services, plus a small management fee to cover the operations and other charges.