Powerful Tools on Magento 2

Exclusive features for the Outdoor Industry

Tribe Alpha has crafted a tested and proven proprietary software package - Ascendian.

Built using the industry’s top retail platform, Magento, Ascendian was created specifically for the outdoor industry. Ascendian is a consolidation of tried and true Magento software as well as our custom-crafted library of extensions. The result is an immersive online shopping experience that ensures your customers convert while, in the background, Ascendian handles aspects that are vital to your business.

More than just eCommerce, this is eCommerce designed with the outdoor industry in mind. Ascendian can help you navigate everything from complex shipping rules to dealer discounts, multiple storefronts to interstate taxes. With Tribe Alpha and Ascendian on your team, you will watch your business climb to the summit.

Eye-Catching Design

Custom, dynamic design to represent your brand and your story. Product display specifically structured around lifestyle messaging and conversions.

Powerful Admin

Magento 2 admin panel with customized options allowing you to manage and modify your structured solution. Easily utilize the Ascendian tools for your industry.