Ambassadors & Influencers

Customized rules, pricing, content, and access points for pro, ambassador and industry influencer groups.  


The Right Audience

Getting your products into the hands of those who are passionate experts in your industry.


Tailored Content

Offer discounts and tailored content to Pros, Employees, Industry members, and Influencers.

Set the Stage

Spreading the word about your brand and unique products to industry enthusiasts and professionals.

Leveraging Experts

Experts are the people consumers turn to for advice on what to buy, providing valuable information on your products that encourages other enthusiasts to trust, try, and value your product line. When brands engage vetted experts in meaningful ways, their recommendations become more informed, authentic and ultimately drive more sales.

Experts, brand ambassadors, and influencers are defined as  ‘a person whose passion, experience and knowledge make them a trusted source for advice and inspiration’. This available market of influential individuals to promote your brand carries substantial value, and tapping into this resource is an absolute must.

With Tribe Alpha’s ambassador and influencer solutions, you can not only get your products into the right hands, but offer exclusive deals, discounts, rules, and sneak-peak products. You are passionate about your industry so implement the tools that allow you to connect meaningfully with those who share your passion and can promote, improve, and add value to your brand. 

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