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Custom builds, WooCommerce integration, and headless CMS utilization.


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WordPress leads the digital world as the most popular online publishing platform, making up over 25% of sites on the web. Its user-friendly interface, versatility, and incredible variety of plug-in modules for site customization make WordPress the dominant blog and digital publishing platform in the world, allowing you to shape your site to accomplish your unique business goals.

With its open source model, WordPress is extremely flexible for customization and boasts a user-friendly admin that is loved by its users. Unfortunately, this ease of use oftentimes leaves WordPress sites exposed and violating standard best practices, with lax security measures and relatively basic functionality. Tribe Alpha’s development team is experienced in building WordPress sites from the ground up, creating customized themes, applying vetted plugins for added functionality, integrating WooCommerce features, and applying regular security and patch updates for best security practices. 

Whether it’s setting up a WordPress site for you from scratch, optimizing your current site to meet your needs, or decreasing the threat of getting hacked, the experts at Tribe Alpha will make sure that your success is only a click away!

WordPress Support

Tribe Alpha services are ideal for the WordPress platform, keeping clients up to date on the latest security patches, version releases, and plugin updates available. As one of the more vulnerable platforms available, it is vital that WordPress installations be maintained to high expectations and expertise, of which Tribe Alpha has over 10 years experience.

WordPress Customizations

As one of the most customizable open source platforms available, WordPress is ideal for building highly customized, unique websites. Tribe Alpha’s expert developers and designers have years of experience building custom plugins, eCommerce features, marketing automation, and client support customizations to fit every client.

WooCommerce Integration

For simple eCommerce websites that don’t require all of the bells and whistles of Magento or BigCommerce, WooCommerce is a great solution! With a simple integration and easy to use interface, WooCommerce is an ideal eCommerce edition to a simple website for small catalogs and simple product lines.

Flexibility with WordPress

WordPress in the eCommerce space serves several functions, including catalog, checkout, blog, and headless CMS. To learn more about how WordPress can integrate with your site or existing eCommerce solution, get in touch with us!   

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