B2B & Wholesale

Private storefronts, dedicated access points and product grid ordering for your wholesale customers.


Customer Groups

Sell directly to distributors, dealers, and local resellers without the need for a secondary platform. Manage inventory, customers, and access directly from your existing consumer admin.



Organize dealers & distributors by level, region, discount group and more. Distinguish international vs. domestic users for dedicated rules, regulations and terms.

Dedicated Rules

Allow different pricing, shipping, and payment options based on customer group and approved permissions. Customized group roles, rules, and access points.

Direct Wholesale Sales

Tribe Alpha’s extensive experience working with the outdoor industry has resulted in a set of tested and proven proprietary solutions for Wholesale and Business to Business (B2B) features. While many of the platforms we work with support multiple storefronts and direct sales options, they can sometimes fall short where it matters most – ease of sale.

We have crafted a set of custom features that allow you to get the most out of your Wholesale business, including a product grid for a digital line sheet experience, stock notifications and expected return date, private storefront access, custom content for wholesale users, and complex shipping, payment, and ERP integrations. Our wholesale shopping solutions allow you to manage and control all of your B2B sales and customers in the same location as your direct to consumer sales. This allows you to not only avoid managing multiple sources of truth for your products and inventory, but cuts down on admin time for accessing vital information.

Separated storefronts for your wholesale customers also allows custom design, content and messaging so you can target your audience specifically and intentionally. B2B is an audience independent of consumer, and it should be treated as such! Tribe Alpha’s Wholesale solutions focus on providing you with the tools you need to get the right experience in front of the right audience.

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