Custom Payments

Terms, conditions, and customer group payment methods.


Tailored Options

Allow different payment options available by store, customer group, and approved terms per user.


Terms Payments

Specific customers can pay using terms on file once they are approved. Access can change as the approval process varies or if a customer status changes.


Secure Processing

PCI compliant payment processes ensure a safe and secure purchasing process for customers.

Custom Payment Methods

The ease of payment integrations on eCommerce platforms is a huge convenience for organizations, instantly allowing payment solutions such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and credit cards to be immediately available to consumers. The goal of utilizing well-known and widely trusted payment options is to ensure that customers have a safe and worry-free process purchasing your products.

As with many other features for online sales, the Wholesale space presents complexities that simply don’t exist on the consumer side of things. Payment Terms are one of the most widely requested and necessary options for wholesale website sales, and it’s one that Tribe Alpha has mastered. Our payment terms features allow our clients to clearly define the payment terms, including allowable payment periods. Brands are able to specify whether wholesale users need to pay for goods before delivery or fulfill orders within the specified process time with the acceptance of Payment terms. Based on specific client and customer needs, our solution allows net payment after 30, 60 or 90 days for wholesale purchase.

One of the added benefits of utilizing Tribe Alpha’s custom wholesale shipping for eCommerce solution is the fact that terms can be applied per user. This means you don’t have to provide blanket term options to all wholesale users, but can get as granular as you need to with custom shipping rules to best satisfy your business requirements.

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