Complex Shipping Rules

Customized, complex shipping rules tailored to Wholesale, Dealer, and Professional Ambassador requirements. 


Rates & Rules

Use complex shipping logic to show & hide rates, change rates, adjust labels, and add information based on user assignment.

Shipping Logic by Region

Shipping logic can change the options shown depending on the country, state, customer group, products in the cart, and more.

User-Specific Content

The modified shipping framework allows for custom code and messaging specific to a customer’s needs and requirements.

Custom Rates and Terms

Accurate shipping rates in eCommerce can be one of the more challenging tasks to master, especially considering the added complexity of weights, box dimensions, shared products, and independent shipping options. Additionally, the standard carriers like UPS and FedEx all have regulations that must be followed for calculating when and how a package must be shipped. Many eCommerce platforms have solid integration with standard shipping rates with common carriers, however anyone in the Wholesale space knows that shipping for it is far from standard.

Tribe Alpha’s custom shipping solution for Magento wholesale solutions includes the ability to add custom shipping methods and carriers, allow wholesale users to use their own shipping accounts, add necessary packaging or processing fees, allow drop-ship directly to the customer or storefront, and apply custom pricing when the calculated rates don’t quite cover it. The Magento wholesale custom shipping rules tool is also incredibly flexible in its foundation, allowing our clients to modify the shipping rules specifically to their requirements.

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